Books I read

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I was never an avid reader. When it comes to reading novels, still not one. But I understand the importance of reading in building one’s knowledge, personality and outlook of the world. I have decided that if I start keeping track of the list of books I read, it might help me further my cause - read more for my own good! So here goes..

# 2017 --------------------------- Bad Choices: How Algorithms Can Help You Think Smarter and Live Happier --------------------- The firm --------------------- The Pelican Brief --------------------- Night School: (Jack Reacher 21) --------------------- Originals: How Non-conformists Change the World --------------------- The Girl on the Train --------------------- # 2016 --------------------------- The Martian ----------- Slaughterhouse-five (incomplete) ---------------------------------- # 2015 --------------------------- Fifty Shades Darker -------------------- Fifty Shades of Grey -------------------- # 2014 and before -------------------------- Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief -------------------------------------------------- 2 States: The Story of My Marriage ----------------------------------- Five Point Someone -------------------

A few more that I forgot at the moment. Will update as I remember and progress.