Tracking runs using Strava

less than 1 minute read

Fitbit is still fantastic for my fitness tracking needs but unfortunately many of my fitness pals are not on Fitbit, yet or maybe never! The good news however is many of them use Strava for activity tracking and Fitbit has a very good Strava integration - although limited only for runs and probably biking.

Strava is fantastic for comparing with your friends or against yourself and keep the motivational juices flowing to run longer, harder and sooner. After every run, Strava promptly asks me if I would like publish the run on Strava as well - I’m not a so much of privacy guy, at least not with runs, so why not? Below is a summary of my Strava profile so far.

Strava also offers nice widgets such as the one above for tracking summaries and another one that tracks the latest runs published on Strava as shown below. Until there’s a better alternative for social running, I’m pretty satisfied with Fitbit-Strava integration to keep the social component in Fitness tracking.

If you reading this, I would love to hear your take on social fitness tracking apps.