Masters in Distributed Software Systems

Graduation: October, 2016

A Master of Science in Distributed Software Systems gives you the necessary knowledge and skills to develop highest-quality business applications. Thus, you will learn how to develop business applications that are scalable, flexible, secure and reliable. These applications enable the secure and reliable data exchange between widely distributed locations while also meeting (foreign) legal requirements. Furthermore, you will learn to develop applications that can be adapted to changing external conditions in order to meet the demand of the future.

The knowledge and experiences gained in this course of studies can also be applied directly to the development of general-purpose web-based applications far beyond classical business applications. Examples of such applications can be found in the area of social networks (e.g. „Facebook“, „Instagram“, „Snapchat“, „Twitter“ or „Slack“) – These systems are also distributed systems that use databases with extremely high-numbers of concurrent users, which is why flexibility, scalability, reliability and security requirements are also of outmost importance. The knowledge and skills to develop and maintain such applications are also taught in the Master Programme Distributed Software Systems.