Fund Raiser For Ukraine

These are challenging times. The people of Ukraine are fighting an unprovoked, unlawful, and unjust invasion by Russia. Ukraine is dealing with the 2nd most powerful military in the world and they have been asking for help in every way possible. The government of Ukraine has setup official accounts to accept donations.

The Crypto donations have surpassed over $54 million dollars! With over $6M currently sitting in the official Ethereum address. We want to keep the momentum going and offer yet another way to raise funds for Ukraine through the use of NFTs. Here is an overview of our approach.

Raising donations for Ukraine through NFTs

Raising donations for Ukraine through NFTs

The proposition is simple:

  • People donate to official Ukraine wallets through our NFT contract
  • 100% of the money donated will go to the official Ukraine wallet
  • The donor gets an NFT that symbolizes their support forever

More details about the approches we are thinking below.

Ukraine declared independence on 24 August, 1991. We will use the number 0.024081991 in our pricing of the NFTs

Fixed cost NFTs

  • Each NFT is listed for a fixed price (0.024081991 ETH)
  • Money is donated automatically to the official government address after every 2 Ether raised
  • This approach raises a fixed amount from primary sales (mint)
  • 100% of revenue from secondary sales will also be donated to the official government address

Auctioning NFTs

  • All NFTs are listed for auction at a starting price of 0.024081991 ETH each.
  • The auction runs seperately for each NFT
  • The highest bidder gets the NFT when the auction ends and the proceeds go to, you guessed it, official Ukraine address
  • The aution ends for an NFT when there is a highest bidder on an NFT and there are no further bids on that NFT in a 12 hour period
  • Each bid will extend the end of auction to 12 hours from the time of latest bid
  • This approach maximizes the amount of donations through primary sales (mint)
  • 100% of revenue from secondary sales will also be donated to the official government address

Join us

We are looking for volunteers — artists, web developers, designers. Join us in our mission to raise funds for Ukraine in these challenging times. From the tech side, we already have:

  • ✅ Smart contracts ready to go — auctioning model is in the works
  • ✅ Generative art engine — if you are looking to contribute generative art
  • 🛠️ Project website and mint page — Core tech is ready, need to finalise the visual design
  • 🛠️Art work — we have a couple of artists onboard. Looking for more contributors.

As an artist, you can choose if you would like to have your name or pseudonym associated in the metadata of each NFT art you contributed, and on the project page.

Other projects

  • UkraineDAO is raising funds with a similar approach but the bid is complete and only direct donations are supported now.
  • World Save Ukraine by Holy Water: NFT collection from over 200+ Ukrainian artists with all proceeds going directly to official address.