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Welcome to my little page on the Web. Here, you will find a few bits of information about myself, written in first person.

Nice to see you here! As much as I like to keep this site up-to-date, it’s a very real possiblility that I may not. If you are here to recruit me, checkout my Linkedin page for, likely, latest information on how I try to “sell” myself. In any case, feel free to look around. There’s also a blog here that I like to write some of thoughts in. If you find something interesting in there, you can always open up a discussion using comments. And before you go, thanks for stopping by!

Recent Posts

Export Trading212 transactions to CSV

2 minute read

Update Trading 212 now has the option to export CSV files so the rest of this article is not relavent anymore but this new tool could be still useful.

Improving WiFi speed

8 minute read

A faster and reliable WiFi is more important than ever. Checkout how to fix your WiFi and internet speed issues.

Cracking that coding interview

8 minute read

After a series of interviews, I received a full time offer from Microsoft a couple of months ago. The interviews turned out to be a fun exercise - given how ...

How I got 200 stars on Github

2 minute read

I just received my first 100+ stars for one of my personal projects, fitbit-googlefit, on Github. This gave me a good reason to talk a little bit about how i...

Quantifying yearly fitness goal

less than 1 minute read

I was deeply convinced that regular progress tracking is a crucial step towards achieving my fitness goal for 2017. So, I created a simple tool which extrac...

New year resolutions 2017

2 minute read

Just a few more hours and all things 2016 will be history. While I’m not into the custom of writing year end notes and public resolutions for upcoming year, ...

Tracking runs using Strava

less than 1 minute read

Fitbit is still fantastic for my fitness tracking needs but unfortunately many of my fitness pals are not on Fitbit, yet or maybe never! The good news howeve...

Syncing all Fitbit data to Google Fit

1 minute read

I love Fitbit trackers. They promise to do just one thing - quantifying self, and they live up to it! Just like most people, I tracked my lifelogs using mobi...

Saving passwords in database

4 minute read

We have all been victimns of one massive database hijack or the other and if your answer to the previous rhetoric was a no, headout for a quick safety-check ...