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Wedding Events

We have at least 5 events planned for the wedding. Here are the details.

Wedding Bells Are Ringing!

We are getting married on 16th October 2024. We are very excited to share this news with you and would love to have you with us on this special day.

Playing MEV games - $17,000 prize with very little competition

After building a bunch of liquidation and arbitrage bots on the Ethereum mainnet, I finally participated in my first ever MEV game on a layer 2. With real money. Here are my findings after burning through about $1500 💰🔥🥵

Fund Raiser For Ukraine

These are challenging times. The people of Ukraine are fighting an unprovoked, unlawful, and unjust invasion by Russia. Ukraine is dealing with the 2nd most powerful military in the world

What are DAOs and How DAOs work?

DAOs are gaining a lot of traction in the blockchain space. They are a crucial building block for the next version of the Internet — Web 3.0. But what is a DAO and how does a DAO work?

Cryptocurrencies: Workings and Value proposition

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography. They are by design, nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. They are generally not issued by any central authority, making them theoretically immune to interference by central banks or governments.

Good things that happened in 2020 - Wrap up

2020 is a year dominated by uncertainty, loss and suffering. A retrospective of good things could help us get through these challenging times.

How blockchain works

The first widely adopted implementation of Blockchain was designed to facilitate the invention of Bitcoin — a decentralized digital currency.

Export Trading212 transactions to CSV

Trading212 has been amazing since I started using it in January 2020. However, despite many requests, linked below, from the community to support exporting of transactions, there is no solution from the team, yet.

Why blockchain was created

Blockchain is indubitably one of the greatest technological creations in our time.

Improving WiFi speed

A faster and reliable WiFi is more important than ever. Checkout how to fix your WiFi and internet speed issues.

Cracking that coding interview

After a series of interviews, I received a full time offer from Microsoft a couple of months ago. The interviews turned out to be a fun exercise - given how worried I was about screwing up. Now I want to talk all about the "hardship" that lead up to the offer. This will be a highly opinionated post depicting what worked for *me*.

How I got 200 stars on Github

I just received my first 100+ stars for one of my personal projects, fitbit-googlefit, on Github. This gave me a good reason to talk a little bit about how it got there.

Quantifying yearly fitness goal

I was deeply convinced that regular progress tracking is a crucial step towards achieving my fitness goal for 2017. So, I created a simple tool which extracts my runs from Fitbit data and the final results looks like this.

New year resolutions 2017

Just a few more hours and all things 2016 will be history. While I'm not into the custom of writing year end notes and public resolutions for upcoming year, I like to make an exception here - there's always a first, right?

Syncing all Fitbit data to Google Fit

I love Fitbit trackers. They promise to do just one thing - quantifying self, and they live up to it! Just like most people, I tracked my lifelogs using mobile apps before Fitbit came along. More specifically, I'm talking about Google Fit - an open ecosystem for fitness data.

Saving passwords in database

We have all been victimns of one massive database hijack or the other and if your answer to the previous rhetoric was a no, headout for a quick safety-check for these major data breaches that happened at [Adobe][adobe-hack], [Linkedin](linkedin-hack), [eHarmony](eHarmony-hack) and so it goes.

A jekyll blog with rich text support

Tl;dr : This is show down of the rich text features supported by the [Jekyll][jekyll] blog setup as you see right now. To get more information on the actual setup, read the previous post.

Building a responsive personal website from scratch

I started to feel quite blasé about the site I use to market myself! It was already 2 years old and that is a long time, especially in tech, to regard something as old and probably obsolete - in comparision to the prevailing! Frankly it is about time that I start catching up with what is hot in Web!