New year resolutions 2017

Just a few more hours and all things 2016 will be history. While I'm not into the custom of writing year end notes and public resolutions for upcoming year, I like to make an exception here - there's always a first, right? If I were to speak my thoughts spontaneously, 2016 hasn't been a great year for me - I hate to go into the reasons but needless to say that it's been one of the "slowest years"!

You can't change your past but you can learn from it and change your future.

So I have decided to make some realistic new year resolutions for the upcoming year. Hopefully I would be able to keep up to my personal expectations - fingers crossed.


1000 Kilometres in running by the end of the year. That's about 4 KMs per day excluding weekends and a couple of extra days off. Doesn't seem like an ambitious goal, let's see how that goes. I also plan to make a Strava widget to track the cumulative progress through the year - obviously this is not part of the resolution.


Find an exciting job and best efforts for the Big 4. I would be graduating officially in the first quarter of 2017 so, this is probably a typical resolution for a soon to graduate. I intend to devote my full attention at preparing and doing my best at getting to one of the Big 4, 5 or whatever but let's see how that goes.


More Machine Learning and AI. Okay, clearly this is a nerdy goal to place in personal section of resolutions but yeah, I hope to improve my knowledge in the area of Machine Learning, Neural Networks and AI. Hopefully I will have a personal project, at least started, in one or more of these areas by the end of 2017. To this end, I have just finished my first course in Machine Learning today.


More clubs, pubs and social events? Well, I really haven't thought about this one yet. I want to be realistic with my goals so, I'm not going to put any social resolutions for the upcoming year - doesn't have to mean I would be anti social! I do want to learn Forró or some other kind dance but yeah, not a hard goal!

I'm excited about the unknown and the possibilities it has in store. Optimistically welcoming 2017! :v: